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Acoustik Musik, Ltd./Room with a View Productions’ owner and principal mastering engineer has over 40 years of professional recording, mastering, and broadcast experience and is a voting member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). In the 18 years Acoustik Musik, Ltd. has been in business, he has mastered and or recorded countless CD and vinyl projects. Previously, he served as director of Audio Services and Concert Sound at Oberlin College for 26 years. In that time, he recorded over three thousand concerts. He is well versed in today’s technology and comfortable with a wide range of musical genres.

Meet the people!

Meet Tom Bethel . He has been immersed in the wonderful world of audio ever since he recalls his being. His expertise transcends time and resonates quality; no wonder that he is in business for 18 years, having lived the best of both analog and digital mastering worlds. Contact:

Max Collins is an Oberlin College graduate with a strong connection to the fine arts and digital media. He graduated with a studio arts BFA where he trained in the fine arts, photography and cinema production--though his primary focus has been animation and illustration, which he has pursued for the past 8 years independently. He is the current videographer/photographer in charge of post and the design and upkeep of
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Stefan Berg: is an Oberlin College alumnus who earned a BA in Cinema Studies with a minor in Studio Art. He enjoys exploring the capabilities of different mediums and producing exciting new ideas. He is currently working as videographer with a focus on new media marketing.